Does Happiness Come With Success?

There are two types of people coming into the New Year, it seems. I say it because I see it. It’s all over social media and I can almost guarantee you fall under one of two categories, ya ready?

You’re either:

New Year, New Me: Passionate, Goal Oriented, Ready to take on the year and doing it with a smile. Focused on the positive opportunities that are coming your way (whether currently seen or not.)


New Year, Same Me: Falling into a clouded mind set, old bad habits and are focused on negatives in an overwhelming way. Everything seems like a failure and not a learning experience helping you to grow.

I have been reading “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor in which he writes, “…what we spend our time and mental energy focusing on can indeed become our reality.”

BOOM. Explosion. Mind. Blown.

Think about it this way:

We celebrate a success when it happens. It usually requires something rather big to be “celebrated,” right? So, maybe a promotion or you landed a big client. Whatever it is, you celebrate it during a Happy Hour after work with a few friends and that’s that. Done. Finito. Congratulations!

Now, think about all the little frustrations and annoyances you carry with you and give additional weight to day in and day out. These negative little bits, not only add up, but they can take over hours, days, weeks and they not only control how you are in the office, but how you are in life.

It’s said (and proven) that the happier you are in life, the more successful you become. The unfortunate truth is, we’re brought up to believe we’re only able to be happy if we are indeed successful.

But, what if we started to focus less on the little frustrations and gave more weight to our little successes? If we start celebrating each hurdle, even just a little and focused less on the printer being busted or how annoying it is when Karen clips her nails in the office, maybe our days become happier. Then suddenly our work becomes a little more accomplished. We’re happier in our days, which we bring home and now our home life is better, as well.

Celebrate your successes. Not matter the size. You’ve worked hard for them, you deserve it.

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