Don’t Let Your Desires Get In the Way

You’ve heard it before: Happiness is a choice.

Do you believe it yet, though? I do. Let me explain.

I’m someone who hasn’t exactly had the easiest path (or so I’m told.) I got out of an abusive relationship, then almost immediately following, I lost my job in a budget cut. I bounced right back, only to end up in an abusive work situation and shockingly, again, a budget cut in less than 2 years. I get another job within a couple months, move to Boston and…you guessed it, budget cut again, another 2 years later.

You’d think I’d feel pretty down about myself, questioning what I bring to the table and feeling defeated. I’ll admit to moments of those feelings here and there. But, overall, I’m at my happiest. In fact, it was the weirdest thing after getting cut this last time. I shook my bosses hand, thanked him for all the opportunities and walked out of his office with an overwhelming feeling of, “I’m going to be okay.”

Why? How?

It had me puzzled, too. But, it’s hit me that I’ve worked on myself so much, I have found my own personal happiness within me and not within things surrounding me.

My personal journey of sort of rediscovering myself and healing began in June of 2015, but a giant chunk of that work happened once I moved to Boston. I found myself alone a lot, working out almost every day, reading more, basically just doing me. I did my best to also focus on all of the positives that were around me: I was close enough to my family that they were a quick drive away, I have a great core group of friends who are incredibly supportive, I am blessed to have a few dollars more than most my age in my bank account, I have two loving “kids” in my dog and cat and I have all of what I require to survive comfortably. I am a simple person, I know, but truly if you have the basic necessities in life, the more you think you need is simply a desire.

When you desire something, anything, it’s less about the object and more about how that object will make you feel. Let me tell ya, whether it’s a promotion at work, a date you waited months for, a vacation or a therapeutic shopping trip – it’s all temporary.

So, how do you create your personal happiness?

It’s by focusing on positives and the things you’re grateful for in your life. It’s being kind to yourself because if you think about it, you talk to yourself the most of anyone in your life, be nice. It’s by removing the toxic pieces around you and surrounding yourself with good people. It’s by making sure you have the basic things you need to live comfortably. By being healthy in body and mind with exercise, good foods and taking care of your mental health.

It takes work. Everything in life worth doing will take effort. But really, the first step that you need to take is always the hardest because it requires you to admit that you’re not your happiest and that things aren’t perfect. If it helps to hear, no one is perfect. You’re not alone.

So are you ready to be your happiest? Put one foot in front of the other and lets start this today! Send me an email to set up your personal one on one session and get ready to feel so much better!

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