Who Am I Checking On Today?

Every morning when I wake up, I know I’m trying to figure out how to navigate this weird world we are currently surviving in. Even for someone like myself, it’s uncomfortable. In my situation, I made sure when it seemed things were taking a negative turn, I came home. My work for Feel This Happy can come anywhere with me and my radio work was being placed on hold – so, nothing was keeping me locked in place. I packed up the car, made the pets comfy and took the ride back to Upstate, New York to be with my parents.

What this now means? Every day feels very much like 15-years old, back in high school; sleeping in my old bedroom, driving around my hometown when supplies are needed, walking around the neighborhood with my Mom, shooting hoops with my Dad, playing my guitar…I’m an adult child. It can be a bit of a mind f&%$.

But, you feel that, too, don’t ya?

We’re all feeling uncomfortable, uncertain, scared, but in moments joyful – it’s a roller coaster. Some are handling it better than others. That’s why every morning I’m waking up and I’m asking myself, “Who am I going to check on today?”

We’re all feeling the same, but different and the best way to make sure we’re still together but apart: Check On Your People.

So, who are you going to text, Facetime, Call, Zoom, Skype, etc today?

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