Feeling ‘Blah’ in Our New Norm?

As the days of quarantine pass by, have you taken notice of what your body and mind are telling you?

I can hear you already, “Uh, hello, my brain is saying too many things, I can’t turn it off!”

I believe it and I feel it deep in my soul!

The most common thing I’ve heard from people is a lack of motivation; a feeling of, “why am I doing any of this?” when it comes to their work or schooling, which is now happening from home, online and just feels abnormal.

With an unknown time frame of how long all of this will last, bad news pouring in from every avenue and being isolated from your loved ones, it’s overwhelming.

The best tip I can suggest is to listen to how your body feels. I’m not suggesting you overthink your way to experiencing phantom COVID symptoms – what you need to do is simply pay attention and follow through.

Here’s my example: You’ve been sitting at your computer all morning trying to get a proposal done for work, but you can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing. Get up, walk away and give yourself some time to reset.

Yes, there are deadlines, I get it. But, do you want to submit something you know isn’t your best, quickly? Or something that’s up to par with your norm during your new norm? (The same can be said for school work.)

Another example situation: If you’re someone, like myself that doesn’t have a boss to answer to right now and has the majority of the day to sort of do “whatever,” it can be even more difficult to feel motivated.

If you haven’t done a daily “to-do” list or created a routine for yourself, that’s where you need to start. For someone that’s working from home, they can at the least feel like they have purpose and feel productive with the work they accomplish. For the rest of us, we have to create our own feelings of accomplishment. That can be as simple as getting all the laundry done (I know it doesn’t sound like much, but these days – it feels like a lot!)

It’s also important to know, in either circumstance, that those days where you feel like doing nothing but binging Netflix? They’re completely acceptable right now! Self-care is where it’s at, boss or no boss. If your body and mind need that stress relief in doing nothing – listen to it.

No one is handling this the same as the person in the apartment next to them. We’re all feeling similar things, but the uncertainty and the stress that comes from it can fluctuate our mental health and if you’re not familiar with these feelings of anxiety, it can be tough to navigate for the first time, especially during a pandemic. Be kind to yourself, don’t get stuck in negative feelings; Embrace TV, utilize technology in positive ways by connecting with friends and family, pick up forgotten hobbies, enjoy good food, talk long walks through the neighborhood and sleep in! Let your face breathe with no make-up, don’t do your hair, put on a fresh pair of sweats and allow yourself to just be comfy.

Take care of yourself and you and your days will be better for it.

SIDE NOTE: One of the biggest things that’s helped me when I’ve been feeling exhausted from, well, doing nothing – GET UP… and force yourself to do something (anything.) It might not work every single time, but it will help a lot of ’em. Even if it’s to get a little boost to make it through the afternoon and not sleep the day away.

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