I Dare You

Every single day of your life, you’ve felt in control but, NEWS FLASH! You never were! And ya know what? Deep down you know that. ⠀

So, right now why does it feel so different? If we’re never in control, why does the pandemic make us feel so out of sorts?

Because we’ve all slowed down, stopped and now we can focus on that lack of control. It’s hard to trick yourself into thinking you have a hold on anything when you don’t have work, school, friends, stores, etc keeping you on-the-go.⠀

I want you try to something.

With this time to look at that uncertainty, yell at it: “You don’t scare me!”

Because here’s the truth to remember: we have all been here before with distraction. You’ve overcome this a million times.

Embrace this time. Enjoy this time. Don’t let the uncertainty run your life now ✌🏼

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