New Perspective

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Even the people who seem like they’ve got this whole Quarantine Life figured out, don’t. I promise you. They’re having decent days, but they, too have moments when it all catches up and they don’t know how to handle it.

How can I be so sure? Because I’m most certainly one of those people.

I’ll admit, my every day isn’t all that bad right now. I’m one of the lucky ones (if you want to call it that) who was already within the unemployment system when this started. So my paycheck never stopped (woohoo!) When this seemed like it was getting worse and the jobs I did have said “don’t come back till this is over!” I decided to head to my parents and set up shop, so I’m not alone and I can help them with whatever. So, because of that, I’ve had company and I’ve had a little bit of purpose in my days.

But this *thing* we’re all dealing with…we’re all dealing with it. I’ll be super duper one minute and then so frustrated about not having a job (especially one that controls my life as a whole, which is what mine always has.) I get frustrated sleeping on a futon, I get frustrated not having my own space or place, plus the fact half my stuff is in another state.

What I can say, is if you’re finding this is true for yourself, as well. But, maybe you’re feeling it rather hard and not just in waves (though, waves has been the most common description I get from clients) I’m going to ask you to try one thing and try it hard: flip your perspective.

When the moments come, stop yourself, breathe and tell yourself the positives of your situation.

In the beginning (and possibly now) people went from extremely busy, to having nothing but time. They were saying things like “I’m so sick of being stuck at home with nothing to do!”

Perspective: You’re not stuckyou’re safe. You don’t have nothing to do – we all have hobbies to fall back on, television to entertain us, things we’ve put off to get done around the house, closets that could use a cleaning out, cabinets that could be reorganized, yard work, baking, resumes to freshen up, etc.

Maybe you’re also in my boat of recently being laid off, or like me was about to get hired full-time only for the paperwork to never get here due to covid-19. You may feel to blame even though you know that’s not the case. But, lets look at this switch flip.

Perspective: Yes, you’re unemployed – but now you’re given the opportunity to restart, rebuild and find a job that you truly love. Maybe this is your opportunity to have a true reset. Think about what you really want out of what you do, maybe you had a dream job already in mind but never thought you’d get there…what do you need to achieve that dream job once we can get back into the economy? There are many schools offering free online courses to help, build up that resume, think of the steps you need to take and utilize the time you have to grow as a human and better your opportunities once this passes – because it will pass. You can set yourself up for some great things if you switch your mindset.

Think about what your biggest struggles are right now and see if you can flip your perspective on them. Once you can, it’ll feel like you’re looking at a whole new world of opportunity.

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