Retracing Your Steps Can Solve the Roller Coaster

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It’s happened before.

Everything feels great, YOU feel great…then, suddenly, you don’t.

What changed?

No. Seriously. Think about it. What happened to change that feeling?

The word “trigger” is irky so I don’t really like to use it, but in this case, our mood does, in fact, get triggered from something.

If you can become more aware of what triggers your moods, you can learn to heal from those things. But you can’t heal from things you don’t understand yet.

So, the next time you’ve been going along and feeling fantastic, then suddenly the opposite, give yourself a little “your life” replay. Go back, step by step and evaluate how you were feeling in each moment and I can almost bet money on the fact you’ll figure out what it was that caused the flip.

I felt good until after I left Aunt Mary’s house.

What was it that happened at Aunt Mary’s? Was it a smell that brought you back to a trauma? Was it something she said that hurt you without her realizing? Did she refuse to answer the door and sent you away?

Some times it’s obvious, like with the refusal of answering the door. Other times, a smell, won’t be so clear right away. But, if you pay attention just a little more closely, you just might be able to pinpoint the things that cause the roller coaster-like emotional changes.

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