Goals: The Ultimate Struggle

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

We all have goals we strive for – right?

Just reading that line alone maybe had something pop in your head that you’ve been putting off. First of all, stop that and secondly, let me help you.

You may be wondering – how can YOU help ME?

As a Certified Life Coach, part of the gig is providing tasks or *smaller goals* to help get you to your big goal, to motivate you, to help celebrate each step and give you an extra push along the way, to hold you accountable and so on.

And it’s been working for a lot of clients – especially recently!

One recently climbed a huge hill she never could by her home. With a bit of work, mental push and determination – she did it!

Another has flipped her perspective and started a really good self care routine and is simply crushing it! To top it off, the good karma has followed and a toxic work environment has shifted to help relieve the added stress!

I have a couple clients that were both heavy energy drink users that have dropped ’em completely and started drinking almost all water!

Even the difficult task of searching for a decent job during a pandemic can be achieved! I just witnessed a fresh college graduate land multiple interviews and receive an offer after a month and a half of persistence,resume freshening and hard work!

It all comes down to what you’re willing to provide for yourself. For all of these examples, I helped guide, gave a shoulder, motivated, held them each accountable and celebrated with them…are you read to celebrate?

So how can I help you?

DM me today or click the link in the comments for more!

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