Your Gut Can Guide You

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What I’ve learned in my 30+ years is that just when you think everything is going one way, things will go another. It’s life. We are never really in control of it.

Take the pandemic as an example; I know many of us that were about to jump into new adventures with anxious excitement! …then the world shut down.

If you’re like me, the opportunity you were anxiously excited for disappeared. Other opportunities that I had for months also slipped away to avoid companies with exposure risks. Suddenly, I found myself down to the company I had only just built for myself to continue to grow, which I can thankfully say I have during this weird time.

But no one could have predicted the last few months for any of us (well, maybe China.) Many of us headed to our families to take care of them in this time. Many had to give up things and places they love to keep moving forward.

I, too am one of those people – but I practice what I preach in that if your gut is telling you to do something, follow it. Even if it hurts, even if it’s not a choice you want to make but have to, do it. Your gut is almost never wrong and the pieces will fall into place and you will be okay…

We’ll all be okay.

Keep leaning on each other, keep being safe, keep reaching out when you need to and keep going.

And never forget, Feel This Happy is here for you

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