“How Did I Get Here?”

When I was at my lowest, I remember having moments of wondering, “how did I get here?!”

Like what in the ever loving hell brought me to this point? To this place of overwhelming sadness, darkness, unintentional, ever-flowing tears where some days it took all I had to push through? How did I get here?

In reality, I knew.

I wasn’t blind to my surroundings, I was just too invested in them. Toxic people or environments can trick you into thinking you can fix them or things will change over time. You just need to get to this date or this anniversary or get past this thing at work being due.

But the truth of it all is the only thing that changes over time is how awful you begin to feel inside. I chat to clients a lot about toxic people and toxic spaces and what it comes down to for yourself and your well being – get away. Away from the constant fights or feelings of not being worthy; Away from the place that’s twisting your stomach into knots and leaving you anxious to return.

The moment you make the choice to leave these situations, the moment you take that first step is the moment you become lighter and more free. It doesn’t mean you’ll immediately feel your best. What it means is you’re on your way to getting there, one step and one day at a time.

You don’t have to do it alone. For an ear, guidance and information reach out to me today. Your next chapter can start confidently bold with strength in numbers.

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