Feel Happiness

“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the live of others.”

This quote is so incredibly true. I am someone that people have always gone to for advice, an ear, a shoulder…watching how this helped people or how the advice and guidance changed their world for the better, it gave me the push I needed to start Feel This Happy.

When I began putting all of this together, I clearly had no idea we would be heading into a global pandemic (talk about timing.) I could have allowed it to discourage me, instead, I’ve worked harder.

Launching in January and signing up my first client, then the next and the next; working with companies to speak with their employees via Fb live and Zoom during the beginning of this pandemic on how to make life easier for themselves; hopping onto radio shows dishing out anxiety reducing techniques. Getting to the 6 month mark right on par with my personal goal and moving forward one step at a time. This has been a crazy year, but a crazy year full of positive results!

You can read some of the reviews on Facebook and you can experience it for yourself. But, you need to want to feel your best and you need to put in the effort that goes along with it, like anything else.

So you tell me: Are you ready to feel better? DM me today for more ❤

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