It’s a strong word and at first, if you’re like me, you would have equated it to war and thought this doesn’t pertain to me. I truly didn’t think it did as I read the book, “Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence – From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror.”

See, it was 2015 and I had recently gotten myself out of a dangerous cycle of a relationship. I was feeling so out of sorts, like my head was spinning and I couldn’t catch my breath. I knew I needed something for the anxiety I was feeling, so I decided to study up on it. Little did I know, one paragraph in one chapter would change my life forever and begin my healing journey.

“People subjected to prolonged, repeated trauma develop an insidious, progressive form of post-traumatic stress disorder that invades and erodes the personality. While the victim of a single acute trauma may feel after the event that she is “not herself,” the victim of chronic trauma may feel herself to be changed irrevocably, or she may lose the sense that she has any self at all.”


WOW. I read that paragraph over and over and it hit me that the chapter I almost skipped over, the chapter I thought wouldn’t help me at all may have just saved my life! I now knew what I was struggling from: PTSD.

Realizing this was what I was truly dealing with gave me a sense of clarity, understanding and a weight lifted from my shoulders because now? NOW, I knew what I had! And once you know what to “fix” or work on, you can start to heal.

That’s how it started for me. My journey has been going on for 5-years and even lead to beginning Feel This Happy so I can help guide you or someone you love who is struggling to find their happy place like I have.

It takes work, dedication and the true want to move forward but for those who are ready for a change, it becomes the most incredible first step! Feel free to send me a dm and ask whatever questions you need answered. The more I can provide that allows you to know this is the right fit for you, the better ❤

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