When You’ve Had Enough

It took a while for me to have “had enough.”

Enough of how I was feeling, enough of the toxicity, enough of the fighting, eggshells, anxiousness…I had to WANT the change instead of wishing it would just happen. The reality is that life shouldn’t feel so difficult and it doesn’t have to…if you’re making the right changes.

For me it took one last fight to rid the person causing the toxicity. Then it took focusing on me and making some changes that were uncomfortable at first because of the state of “me” I had become. But, as I did this, day by day I became a little more “me” again and was able to calm my thoughts, I was able to focus more, I was able to enjoy the moments I was a part of…till eventually, I felt whole again.It took me wanting to stop feeling my worst to feel my best. And while it was hard to take that first step and it was hard to make those changes initially, it was harder to stay in the uncomfortable sadness I was in.

Where are you right now? Are you willing to stay there or are you ready for better?

You decide.

I’m a dm away when you’re ready 💙

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