“I’ll Always Be Stuck”

It’s very easy to feel stuck.

I remember that feeling. I’ve seen others feel that way.

It’s easy to get stuck in the darkness, with a lack of allowing yourself to see the light.

But the thing is, the light is always there. It’s what you allow yourself to focus on. When we get into the dark place, it feels like there’s only darkness. Our brains become attracted to the negative, they find it easier, they block out any light or positive. Then what happens? We sit with it. We feel awful. We see no escape. We think this is all we have in life.

Then I look back on people like my Aunt who was in a domestically violent relationship from the time she was in high school through her final years. Decades went on with no one truly knowing the battles she was facing day in and day out. She was never allowed to learn to drive, no license, no car, no job…until one day she had my Mom teach her how to put the car in drive and stay on the road comfortably. It was the path to getting her on her own. She got her license, she got a job, she saved up, she got out…She had nothing of her own and she ….got…out.

It’s proof that when you make the choice, you CAN. You can have nothing of your own and still find a way.

We are only truly stuck if we continue to tell ourselves we are.

That goes for anything in life. “I’m meant to be overweight with these health issues.” “I’m meant to always be broke.” “I’m meant to be unhappy and unloved.” “I’m meant to be just like my abusive parent.”

We make a bunch of choices, daily, on how we’re choosing to live.

Make the choice today to live your best life and be your best you.

It IS possible to live happily.

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