Steps Towards A New Normal

It’s been a long year, but you already knew that.

I’ve struggled at times to find the words, that’s why the blogs have slowed, or really came to a screeching halt, if I’m being honest. This pandemic has gone on a lot longer than any of us could imagine and even for myself, it was hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel at times.

While I had these down moments, I had many up moments as well. Throughout this year I spoke to more people than I ever dreamed of when launching Feel This Happy. People that needed an ear, someone to vent to, someone to work things out with that wasn’t in their inner circle, someone that has been there before and can say “I get it,” and mean it.

I’ve been told sharing my story and the healing process is me having my own little “pity party.” To anyone feels that way, so be it. But, what I’ve seen from sharing my story, experiencing what I have and my own personal healing process and then putting that out to the world, I’ve had the opportunity to help people – multiple people – feel better. Some, who I initially was concerned would hurt themselves, who took small steps towards a brighter future and are now living life happily again.

We are put on this planet with a purpose and I feel like in a lot of ways, this is part of mine. I may not have all the answers, but I’ve lived, I’ve grown, fell to my lowest point and lifted myself back up all while educating myself for a greater purpose.

If you or someone you know is having a tough time and needs someone to talk to – I’m always here and would love to set up a session to help them to take those small steps themselves to their best life. Because we all deserve it, even if we’re too angry, sad or depressed to see it in this moment. We all deserve to Feel This Happy.

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