Goals: The Ultimate Struggle

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We all have goals we strive for – right?

Just reading that line alone maybe had something pop in your head that you’ve been putting off. First of all, stop that and secondly, let me help you.

You may be wondering – how can YOU help ME?

As a Certified Life Coach, part of the gig is providing tasks or *smaller goals* to help get you to your big goal, to motivate you, to help celebrate each step and give you an extra push along the way, to hold you accountable and so on.

And it’s been working for a lot of clients – especially recently!

One recently climbed a huge hill she never could by her home. With a bit of work, mental push and determination – she did it!

Another has flipped her perspective and started a really good self care routine and is simply crushing it! To top it off, the good karma has followed and a toxic work environment has shifted to help relieve the added stress!

I have a couple clients that were both heavy energy drink users that have dropped ’em completely and started drinking almost all water!

Even the difficult task of searching for a decent job during a pandemic can be achieved! I just witnessed a fresh college graduate land multiple interviews and receive an offer after a month and a half of persistence,resume freshening and hard work!

It all comes down to what you’re willing to provide for yourself. For all of these examples, I helped guide, gave a shoulder, motivated, held them each accountable and celebrated with them…are you read to celebrate?

So how can I help you?

DM me today or click the link in the comments for more!

It’s Time For Your Glow Up

When you typically depend on someone else for your happiness, you may be thinking you need them in order to have any type of “glow up.” Well, lets just be blunt right away here: you should never depend on other people to bring you happiness and fulfillment in life! This is your life. At the end of every day and at the bottom of every decision, you will 100 emoji, only have YOU. So, lets start right there.

In order for someone to have a glow up, you need to create a personal goals list. If you’re lacking self love and self care, those need to be first and foremost! It’s one thing to lack confidence, that’s something that can grow and build over time and won’t just happen overnight. But, success in happiness can truly only start within YOU.

Goals and accomplishments lead to excitement, lead to feelings of purpose, build self esteem, courage and life experience.

If you’re feeling low and want to get started but are unsure where to begin, that’s completely okay. In fact, it’s normal to not really know where to start and feel stuck sometimes. But that’s also where I can help as a Certified Life Coach. I can get that engine started, I can help lay out some self care goals for you to achieve and hold you accountable and I can be your cheer leader on the sidelines – if you’ll let me.

Head over to FeelThisHappy.com today to find out more on setting up your personal session and send your email my way. Together, we can accomplish anything!

Are You Ready To Feel Better?

Your #MentalHealth needs to always come first.

Feel This Happy is a safe space for you to have someone to lean on, chat with, learn steps to heal anxiety, set goals, be held accountable, finding your inner happiness and so much more.

I became a Certified Life Coach officially near the end of 2019 with a goal of my own in mind: Help People.

So far I’ve had many conversations that have helped guide people on handling situations better, feeling more confidence, reaching weight loss goals, along with over time, feeling noticeably better in their day to day.

Are you ready for a positive change?

Dm me today to learn more!

Operation: Goal Accomplished

L-R: Annie (Shannon’s Daughter), Shannon & Marissa

This week we had a BIG DAY!⠀

I started Feel This Happy (Feel This Happy ), my life coaching business, at the beginning of the year with a main goal: to help people. ⠀

When I launched, Shannon was one of the first people to reach out to start sessions with me. She had goals to achieve and was right on course…then the pandemic hit. (I know, you just felt that punch to the gut, too, huh?) ⠀

In the last couple weeks, she’s been getting back on track with a weight loss goal, by eating clean, making positive choices and walking, but the biggest goal was something she thought she would never be able to do: walk up a super steep hill by her condo.⠀

She had tried and had to stop half way to turn back home more than once prior to covid taking over the world. I promised her that when she felt like she had worked to the point she would be able to make it, I would walk that hill with her to reach that goal.⠀

Wedesnday, WE DID IT!

Half way up the skies opened and the rain fell to cool us down and when we reached the top, the bench was awaiting our arrival for a quick rest before heading back down.⠀

THIS is why I started Feel This Happy. To help push you to reach your goals, to hold you accountable, to be here to lean on, to bounce situations off of, to help learn to heal anxiety, to be more in the moment and so much more that’ll help lead you to your happiest! ⠀

I’m so proud of you, Shannon! Keep working on the healthy goals you’ve set out to reach – I know you’ll get there! ⠀

**Want to start your personal one-one-on sessions? If you’re struggling with anxiety, feeling overwhelming, in a toxic environment, need someone to listen and provide an outside view…dm me today to learn more!

We’re At The Starting Line

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What is it like to “start over?”

It’s something a lot of us could only dream about a few months ago and here we sit in the position of the unknown, an uncertain future where suddenly you’ve been laid off from the job you were comfortable in and scroll through the world of job possibilities.

Yes, it’s scary.

But, they say, whoever they are, that the only things worth doing and exploring are the ones that scare you a little bit. Lets face it – EVERYTHING is a little weird and scary right now, I think it’s suppose to be based on movies like “Contagion” and “Dawn of the Dead.” (Should I not base the acceptance of my feelings on made up stories? Eh, that’s for another blog.)

What I’m saying is, whatever you’re feeling is normal especially since none of what we’re going through is “normal.” But, don’t let your feelings stop you from getting in the driver seat and really making something of yourself.

We all see that the world is slowly getting back in order, but the world as we knew it will always be a little different now. You’ll adjust. We all will. Really think about what you want out of your future and start doing what you can to reach the goals you set. And don’t be surprised if suddenly a perfect opportunity is at your finger tips.

Don’t be scared, be open.

Don’t resist change, embrace it.

We’re all flipping the page and starting a new chapter, allow yourself the freedom to take each moment as it comes and fully enjoy the fruits of months of stress, anxiety and lack of clarity. We each deserve something positive after such a weirdly dark time.

Keeping Busy, Keep Sane

You might be in the same spot I’ve been: unemployed when it comes to a full-time gig, yet so incredibly busy you suddenly can’t see straight.

I’ve been trying desperately to just take everything day by day throughout this pandemic. With everything constantly changing, phases of opening beginning but threatened to stall and the overall job market being rather, blah, I’ve found myself with not one but three side hustles! Or would they just be side jobs since I don’t have one solid to pay the bills? Whatever, doesn’t matter. What matters is they all just sort of sprouted.

I’ve been selling in the wonderful world of eBay since before I was legally allowed to be selling in the wonderful world of eBay. It was extra spending cash to go out with my friends, it was gas money, it was “I’ve been cramming so hard it’s time for a Wendy’s break at midnight” kinda fund. Nowadays it’s a car payment or a grocery bill, which is nice, to say the least.

Then, as you can see, I started Feel This Happy at the beginning of the year and while my blogging may not be the steadiest because it’s just super hard to find the flow when your own flow is so off the beaten path, I’ve been keeping up with the clients that I’ve had, gained a few more and am constantly helping people via social media. I’ve always been that girl who may not feel 100% herself but can give the best pep talk you’ve ever encountered (also, you’re welcome.)

Then, suddenly, I found something old yet new. I’ve always been a creative person, hell, I went to college for Fine Arts! But, art sort of faded away for me over the years…until quarantine. Me, bored with paints and nothing else to do? Apparently, job #3! I was just posting some stuff to my IG story when people started commenting and loving what I was doing. One request of custom work has turned into another and into another and like that – I’m an artist! I’m not giving Picasso a run for his money, but ya never know what the months will bring. (IG: PaintingsByML)

It’s been a weird few months, I’m to the point where tough living situation type questions need answers and “what’s next?” I can’t be sure – what I am certain of is that Feel This Happy is blossoming into the “go-to” place for just that and it’s been bringing me a smile at some of the roughest points.

I feel sort of lucky to have started this business when I did…people can always use help with mental health, but this year has been an unexpected hard spot for so many, I’m so glad that I can be someone you can lean on.

If you haven’t followed me on socials yet, search for Feel This Happy and please, if you’re struggling, shoot me an email and lets set up a session to chat. No one should have to struggle so hard…lets work through it together.

Retracing Your Steps Can Solve the Roller Coaster

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It’s happened before.

Everything feels great, YOU feel great…then, suddenly, you don’t.

What changed?

No. Seriously. Think about it. What happened to change that feeling?

The word “trigger” is irky so I don’t really like to use it, but in this case, our mood does, in fact, get triggered from something.

If you can become more aware of what triggers your moods, you can learn to heal from those things. But you can’t heal from things you don’t understand yet.

So, the next time you’ve been going along and feeling fantastic, then suddenly the opposite, give yourself a little “your life” replay. Go back, step by step and evaluate how you were feeling in each moment and I can almost bet money on the fact you’ll figure out what it was that caused the flip.

I felt good until after I left Aunt Mary’s house.

What was it that happened at Aunt Mary’s? Was it a smell that brought you back to a trauma? Was it something she said that hurt you without her realizing? Did she refuse to answer the door and sent you away?

Some times it’s obvious, like with the refusal of answering the door. Other times, a smell, won’t be so clear right away. But, if you pay attention just a little more closely, you just might be able to pinpoint the things that cause the roller coaster-like emotional changes.

New Perspective

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Even the people who seem like they’ve got this whole Quarantine Life figured out, don’t. I promise you. They’re having decent days, but they, too have moments when it all catches up and they don’t know how to handle it.

How can I be so sure? Because I’m most certainly one of those people.

I’ll admit, my every day isn’t all that bad right now. I’m one of the lucky ones (if you want to call it that) who was already within the unemployment system when this started. So my paycheck never stopped (woohoo!) When this seemed like it was getting worse and the jobs I did have said “don’t come back till this is over!” I decided to head to my parents and set up shop, so I’m not alone and I can help them with whatever. So, because of that, I’ve had company and I’ve had a little bit of purpose in my days.

But this *thing* we’re all dealing with…we’re all dealing with it. I’ll be super duper one minute and then so frustrated about not having a job (especially one that controls my life as a whole, which is what mine always has.) I get frustrated sleeping on a futon, I get frustrated not having my own space or place, plus the fact half my stuff is in another state.

What I can say, is if you’re finding this is true for yourself, as well. But, maybe you’re feeling it rather hard and not just in waves (though, waves has been the most common description I get from clients) I’m going to ask you to try one thing and try it hard: flip your perspective.

When the moments come, stop yourself, breathe and tell yourself the positives of your situation.

In the beginning (and possibly now) people went from extremely busy, to having nothing but time. They were saying things like “I’m so sick of being stuck at home with nothing to do!”

Perspective: You’re not stuckyou’re safe. You don’t have nothing to do – we all have hobbies to fall back on, television to entertain us, things we’ve put off to get done around the house, closets that could use a cleaning out, cabinets that could be reorganized, yard work, baking, resumes to freshen up, etc.

Maybe you’re also in my boat of recently being laid off, or like me was about to get hired full-time only for the paperwork to never get here due to covid-19. You may feel to blame even though you know that’s not the case. But, lets look at this switch flip.

Perspective: Yes, you’re unemployed – but now you’re given the opportunity to restart, rebuild and find a job that you truly love. Maybe this is your opportunity to have a true reset. Think about what you really want out of what you do, maybe you had a dream job already in mind but never thought you’d get there…what do you need to achieve that dream job once we can get back into the economy? There are many schools offering free online courses to help, build up that resume, think of the steps you need to take and utilize the time you have to grow as a human and better your opportunities once this passes – because it will pass. You can set yourself up for some great things if you switch your mindset.

Think about what your biggest struggles are right now and see if you can flip your perspective on them. Once you can, it’ll feel like you’re looking at a whole new world of opportunity.

We All Have Our “Team”

Day “seems-like-forever” of quarantine.

This weird state of being that we are all in, at least for me, is starting to feel “normal” these days.

It’s as if I’ve become a teenager again. Except this time around, I’m more educated in a lot of ways, including life; I’ve established a career (even if temporarily on hold); I’ve learned some hard lessons, fought some hard battles, I even have a 401k floating around somewhere. But, here I find myself in my childhood bedroom, now filled with my Dads collectibles, a futon and some scattered boxes that are mine. A portion of my life is here in New York, locked up and quarantined while the rest is basically doing the same, on its own in Boston.

Last night was the NFL Draft, which was exciting for a lot of people, it being one of the only sporting type events we have had in the last couple months. Of course, it got me thinking (a lot of this situation we are all in does) the NFL draft is a lot like the relationships we build in life. Seems like a stretch? Hold up. Let me explain.

When Belichick is getting ready to make his pick of which newbie to add to his Patriots roster, do you think he’s ever just gone, “eh ya know what, he’ll do, I guess.”


He, like all the other teams have gone and done their research. They’ve watch countless hours of college game footage, witnessed it first hand through their designated “go check this guy out” guy, they’ve done their homework to know what their selection can add to their team. This is how you should be handling your relationships in life. Now I’m not saying to pre-stalk someone out and do a lengthy background check. That would be hella weird. What I’m saying is: Take Care in who you surround yourself with. Be aware of behaviors, be aware of actions and if you’re getting back what you’re giving.

A sports team is trying to get quality players to fill out their squad: you want to do the same thing with the people you’re allowing into your life and world. A team wants players that’ll elevate each other; you want to surround yourself with people that will elevate you and who you, too, can elevate.

But, while you’re a player in someone else’s game, you’re the coach of your team. You’re in control of who sticks around and what energy you allow in your space. If someone is making you feel a certain negative way, this is where you can step back, do your research and evaluate if it’s something that can keep that person in your huddle. Our playing season is our life. We only get one. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Ok team, go show ‘em what ya got….annnd break!

Me, Myself & I

This is quarantine.

You’ve wanted time for yourself. You’ve wanted to have no where to be and all the time in the world.

It’s here.

Don’t be scared of it. Don’t try to run from it. Don’t get in your own head or your own way about it.

Be lazy. Be productive. Learn something new. Learn to love your old hobbies again. Binge watch TV …all…damn…day. Eat good food. Write, read, rest, relax, exercise.

Learn to love yourself with every ounce of your being.

This time is yours. Be good to yourself with it.

And most importantly: STAY SAFE AT HOME.

“Normal” will be here before you know it and you’ll look back at this time and either think, “I’m glad I did that for myself” or you’ll wish you did things differently. Which do you wanna be?