My Story

Feel This Happy officially launched at the end of 2019, but it had been years of self healing in the making. My name is Marissa and I’m the owner of “FTH” and I really am this happy but, it took a lot of work to get here.

In 2015, after a series of horrible events (including getting out of an emotionally & mentally abusive relationship,) I found myself in the middle of the local mall food court. I was surrounded by people and families, smiling, laughing and enjoying a slice of pizza or maybe some lukewarm Chinese food, while I was over here, having a full blown panic attack. By full blown, I’m not even kidding: shaking, crying, my heart pounding out of my chest, unable to catch my breath, ready for an asthma attack kind of situation. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone and I was able to pull it together long enough to get home, lay on my couch and wallow in a deep, dark depression for what felt like would be never ending.

I will tell you it was that day “Feel This Happy” was truly born because it was that day I started taking the proper steps to finding “me” again. I did a lot of things over the last few years to get to this wild state of amazing and I believe it was for a couple of reasons: 1) for my own personal happiness (and the sanity of those around me) and 2) so you wouldn’t have to do your journey alone.

We all deal with stuff: personal conflicts, relationships, work stress, family, your annoying neighbor that is constantly in his car at all hours just sitting there with it running, while he’s doing who knows wha– okay, that last one might be an “only me” situation, but my point is, everyone is battling life. It’s all in how we handle it, if it’s a fun battle or an internal war.

There isn’t a single person that I’ve asked who has decided, “ya know what? I’m cool with that internal war, thing. I’m good.” So, if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, stuck, beat up or just plain old unhappy, please reach out and send over an email today. I can promise there is a solution that can lead you to Feel This Happy, too and together, we can get your journey on the right path again.

I’m an accredited Life Coach with certification specialties in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as Mindfulness. But what I feel is even more important, is my life experience in which allows me to deeply understand all of the emotional ups and downs that can take place throughout your journey.

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