While Feel This Happy is not to be utilized in substitution of a therapist, we do operate under the same confidentiality guidelines as one. You should have full assurance in the privacy of our conversations staying between Life Coach and Client.

*If it is felt that a Client is in the mental state to harm ones self, the Life Coach is legally and morally bound to provide the appropriate information in suicide prevention, as well as contact the necessary authorities to entrust in the Clients safety.

The relationship between Life Coach (L.C.) and Client is strictly on a professional level. It is up to the sole discretion of the L.C. on which Clients are accepted as such. If it is deemed at any point that a Client has not abide by these guidelines, the L.C. can cancel future sessions with said Client or decline sessions with the Inquirer at any time without refund. By working with the L.C. you are accepting of these guidelines.

The Client and it’s agent’s, family members and assignees, if any, shall indemnify and hold harmless Feel This Happy and Marissa Lanchak from any and all claims for damages arising out of the performance of any of the services agreed upon by working with the L.C. By booking and paying for a session, the client agrees that they have viewed the Privacy page at and not to hold Feel This Happy or Marissa Lanchak accountable for any death, injury, damaged property, or any incident occurring before, during, or after the held session.

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