We realize that everyone is at a different place within their journey and with that comfort levels will vary. To accommodate you as easily as possible, we have multiple options in the type of session you can experience.

Email/Instant Message

At your scheduled session, we will set up a typed word only form of communication. This is best for those who feel more comfortable communicating their situation behind a keyboard, one-on-one rather than verbally or face-to-face.


Your session will be a scheduled phone call, in which you can verbalize the areas that you feel you are currently having a hard time with and how together we can reach your goals.


For those who feel more comfortable with a face-to-face connection, a Skype call session can be scheduled. This is something that you can build up to, if you choose to start with a different form of session, as you grow in comfort.

For each type of session, the Skype app will be utilized and can be installed on any desk top/laptop computer and/or smartphone.


To keep sessions affordable for most budgets, a “co-pay” type pricing is currently structured as follows:

  • Email/IM – $25/30 min $40/60 min
  • Voice Call – $25/30 min $40/60 min
  • Video Call – $30/30 min $45/60 min

Let’s build something together.

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