Happiness Is a Choice

I know, you may be having a moment reading this all like, “Marissa, I can’t choose happiness like it’s on a shelf at Target.”

*insert your eye roll here*

But believe me when I say, you’re RIGHT, because it’s INSIDE OF YOU. You just choose if you allow yourself to feel it or not.

For realzies!

Our own personal happiness is something that we all begin with when we are brought into this world. Think about it, have you ever once met a baby that you just couldn’t get to smile or giggle by doing almost next to nothing. It’s instilled in us.

So what happens? Well, for a lack of better description: STUFF.

It’s all the experiences we have and the people surrounding us that become a part of our own personal code. They, along with how we react and feel, program our insides. And suddenly (or not so suddenly) we’re super depressed and can’t get out of the funk.But a lot of the time, we get in our own ways.

Example: We have something traumatic happen and choose to bottle it up rather than getting the help we need to heal. This is something that can have long lasting effects. It can control how you handle every single thing you do…

So where do you start to pick up these pieces to put yourself back together? Take my hand…let’s start this trip with someone you can lean on and help you begin. Reach out to FEEL THIS HAPPY today ❤️

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