The Rule of 5

The last thing I wanna do is sound like a song from a kids movie, but it’s time to “Let It Go.”

We’re mid-week and I’m sure you’ve been in the office, or wherever you work and you’ve gotten frustrated over something. Think about it right now.

I’m not trying to stir all that up again, but really…think about it.

Is it something that still matters now that the day is done? Did it matter 5 minutes after it happened? How about 5 days from now, will you still care?

I have tried to implement this for myself more and more over the last couple years…

The Rule of 5.

We tend to get upset in the heat of the moment and let it eat away at us. The smallest thing may ruin an entire day. (Social Media is really good at that.)


We’re not promised tomorrow, do you really want to spend your last day being pissed off because Tommy left the coffee pot empty in the break room? Sounds pretty ridiculous when you read it back, right?

If it’s not gonna matter 5 seconds, minutes, days or even years from now, it should not be taking over your world and causing a shit storm.

So how do you change your way of reacting?

Here are a few things that I’ve found that work:

Stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do this for as many times it takes to calm yourself. It’ll become routine and it won’t always take as long as that first go.

Step away from the issue. If you’re at your desk and maybe you got an email that just sent your brain into the red, stand up and take a coffee break. It’s okay, last time I checked, that’s allowed.

Ask yourself why you’re reacting negatively, is this actually triggering something else for you? Is it worth the negative energy you’re allowing to take over? (If it is a response due to something else in your life, this is the moment you need to note that you need to heal that piece of you.)

Put whatever it was that has upset you aside, let the feelings settle and focus on something else. Sometimes it’s as simple as physically putting your cell phone away after receiving an annoying text. Out of sight out of mind. Then go back to it later with a calmer attitude and see how you handle it with a clearer mind.

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