Notice Your Progress

I’ve been discussing this more and more over the last week with clients…notice where you were and where you are NOW.

We’re with ourselves all the time (duh) so, we are less apt to notice the changes in ourselves until someone else says something or something slaps us in the face to point it out.Make sure you notice your progress and always keep going. Hard work doesn’t create massive change overnight. You need to keep putting 110% into yourself to get to the place you want to be, whether it’s mentally, physically or otherwise.

Keep a journal of your reactions to things, people, etc. Record how you’re feeling, what made you feel certain ways, how it’s different from when you started your journey and allow yourself to celebrate your progress.

It’s also so important to remember that if people are saying things like “you seem so much happier” or “you look amazing!” They’re not just saying it to say it! When you’re on a journey of weight loss, as an example, seeing yourself in the mirror every day, you may not notice that 5lb difference, but someone else may be aware that you’ve seemed to tone up and that there was some hard work being put in. Take those compliments and use them to push you harder with your goals!

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